Kitchen utensils Cook Bottle

8-in-1 kitchen utensils set
Sales price 5,37 €

Kitchen utensils Cook Bottle  consists of 8 kitchen accessories of different and eye-catching colors, stacked inside a plastic bottle . A product original, functional and practical, which can be placed in any corner of the kitchen not requiring much space. If you are one those who do not have much space, or simply like to make good use of the available space, kitchen Utensils Cook Bottle will catch your attention, since it responds to the latest creative trends aimed to optimize the space in the home, especially in the kitchen, where environments are becoming smaller and there are not so many drawers and closets where to store Accessories and utensils. In addition, Kitchen Utensils Cook Bottle facilitates and helps to maintain order in the kitchen, since you will have this 8 pieces kitchenware in view and ready to use at any time. This plastic bottle  that orders and contains eight kitchen gadgets is a product that comes from Japan, where it has already been very successful, and now it is triumphing here in Europe, where it has become an interesting novelty that we put at your disposal.

In this way, stacked one above another, in different colors and with the name of the accesory, the user will find:

  • 1 funnel
  • 1 lemon Squeezer
  • 1 spice grater
  • 1 egg separator
  • 1 egg cutter
  • 1 cheese grater
  • 1 bottle opener
  • 1 400 ml measuring jug


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